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Christmas puddings: when age-old customs meet decimal currency

In April 1966, Miss Una Clarkson, Miss Barbara Lynch and Mrs Strachan conducted experiments on a set of six Christmas puddings. Half were steamed, and the other half were boiled. Following an age-old tradition, the three cooks carefully inserted in … Continue reading

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Biscuits for morning tea

This week, a work colleague will be leaving us for six months to embark on a very exiting project in Queensland. So obviously we have to have a special morning tea for her send-off! Time to start baking… I found … Continue reading

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Now that there’s a Sunbeam Mixmaster in your life…

I bought one of these from a flea market when I was a student. It was very old, extraordinarily hefty, and the engine would start smoking on occasion. But I had to own it because it was a design classic. … Continue reading

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Flighty Amy Johnson and her stodgy lunch

Who, flying into Canberra in 1930 for lunch, was so important that the sheep were specially cleared from the Duntroon aerodrome field? The wonderful Amy Johnson, that’s who! In 1930, Amy Johnson captured the hearts and imagination of Australians when … Continue reading

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What’s cooking, Uncle Sam?

Would it be scones made by the Queen? A bit of news from the US National Archives – in June they’ll be launching an exhibition about food from their records, an exhibition that ‘explores the nation’s, love affair with, fear … Continue reading

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Wartime recipes for Cake

What did Australians eat during wartime? During World War II, when these recipes were being shared on radio, rationing and food shortages weren’t as bad in Australia as they were in Europe. It seems that even in wartime you need … Continue reading

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Pavlova Meringue with Pineapple Filling

Pavlova Meringue 3 egg whites 5 ozs caster sugar 4 ozs crystal sugar [white sugar] 1 level dessert spoon cornflour 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1. Beat egg whites until firm enough to hold their shape. 2. Gradually add caster sugar … Continue reading

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