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Paul Koonin, Russion spy, doctor or soy bean expert?

Earlier this week I did a radio interview about the subject of one of my favourite blog entries, Paul Koonin. Paul Koonin was an interesting character, who over his life earned a living as a photographer, a dentist, a naturopath, … Continue reading

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Take vitamins and stop wetting the bed!

Could vitamins really stop bedwetting? Cure baldness? Rheumatoid arthritis? Extend your life to 125? According to a series of booklets held in the National Archives, vitamins could achieve all these things and much, much more. The discovery of vitamins, and … Continue reading

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Food and Sex: searching for ‘the answer’

The year is 1913, and you’re walking through the Domain. There’s a crowd gathering around a strangely-dressed man, so you go over to listen. He’s reading from a book: ‘Coitus impairs the proper function of the skin … The nerves … Continue reading

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The ‘professional child impersonator’ and her Oslo lunch

In my last post about the school’s milk program, I received a comment that the milk given out to Australian school children every day would have complemented their Oslo lunches. My immediate response was, ‘what the hell is an Oslo … Continue reading

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Making school children drink milk

My Mum hates milk. She can’t stand the stuff. The smell of milk is enough to start her retching. She won’t use it in anything, and only buys milk for guests to use. This makes milk in her house all … Continue reading

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Promoting the wonders of soybeans

Who was Dr Paul M Koonin? Do a Google search on him and you’ll find him quoted extensively on alternative medicine websites.You can find examples here, here and here. But information is scarce about the man, who in 1941, thought … Continue reading

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A Sandakan Christmas, 1943.

Today my kids have decorated our Christmas tree. It’s an exciting occasion, and the room is filled with much discussion about where each decoration should go. There is joy in rediscovering much-loved decorations, exclamation over which angel should be closest … Continue reading

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