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When dinner is a royal occassion

There must be something about the Queen that inspires the people to eat food. Special food, mind you – the sort that goes by the name ‘banquet’ and is accompanied by a souvenir menu. What is it about this woman … Continue reading

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Flighty Amy Johnson and her stodgy lunch

Who, flying into Canberra in 1930 for lunch, was so important that the sheep were specially cleared from the Duntroon aerodrome field? The wonderful Amy Johnson, that’s who! In 1930, Amy Johnson captured the hearts and imagination of Australians when … Continue reading

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A Sandakan Christmas, 1943.

Today my kids have decorated our Christmas tree. It’s an exciting occasion, and the room is filled with much discussion about where each decoration should go. There is joy in rediscovering much-loved decorations, exclamation over which angel should be closest … Continue reading

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Cold War Espionage and Unionist Dinners

After Soviet Diplomat Vladimir Petrov defected to Australia in 1954, a Royal Commission on Espionage was set up to investigate the validity of the information he had handed to the Australian government. What has this got to do with food? … Continue reading

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So CORN-y!

At the end of WWI, great efforts were made to ensure that Australia’s servicemen were welcomed back in appropriate style. There must have been many ‘welcome home’ dinners! Ernest Henry West Crossley and Albert Frederick Aldersley, both members of the … Continue reading

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A Guide to Modern Menu Planning

It seems that there’s always someone telling us that we’re not eating healthily. Too much sugar, too much fat, too many carbs – too much altogether! This is not new. In 1937, Queenslander Noel Gutteridge started to outline how to … Continue reading

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