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When dinner is a royal occassion

There must be something about the Queen that inspires the people to eat food. Special food, mind you – the sort that goes by the name ‘banquet’ and is accompanied by a souvenir menu. What is it about this woman … Continue reading

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Take vitamins and stop wetting the bed!

Could vitamins really stop bedwetting? Cure baldness? Rheumatoid arthritis? Extend your life to 125? According to a series of booklets held in the National Archives, vitamins could achieve all these things and much, much more. The discovery of vitamins, and … Continue reading

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Now that there’s a Sunbeam Mixmaster in your life…

I bought one of these from a flea market when I was a student. It was very old, extraordinarily hefty, and the engine would start smoking on occasion. But I had to own it because it was a design classic. … Continue reading

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What’s cooking, Uncle Sam?

Would it be scones made by the Queen? A bit of news from the US National Archives – in June they’ll be launching an exhibition about food from their records, an exhibition that ‘explores the nation’s, love affair with, fear … Continue reading

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Making school children drink milk

My Mum hates milk. She can’t stand the stuff. The smell of milk is enough to start her retching. She won’t use it in anything, and only buys milk for guests to use. This makes milk in her house all … Continue reading

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Cold War Espionage and Unionist Dinners

After Soviet Diplomat Vladimir Petrov defected to Australia in 1954, a Royal Commission on Espionage was set up to investigate the validity of the information he had handed to the Australian government. What has this got to do with food? … Continue reading

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