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Paul Koonin, Russion spy, doctor or soy bean expert?

Earlier this week I did a radio interview about the subject of one of my favourite blog entries, Paul Koonin. Paul Koonin was an interesting character, who over his life earned a living as a photographer, a dentist, a naturopath, … Continue reading

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Grocery shops were different then…

Where exactly was the Hayes and Russell grocery store? Do you know? Looking at these National Archives’ photos of the interior of the Hayes and Russell grocery store, I realise that grocery shopping in Canberra’s 1920s and 30s would have … Continue reading

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Flighty Amy Johnson and her stodgy lunch

Who, flying into Canberra in 1930 for lunch, was so important that the sheep were specially cleared from the Duntroon aerodrome field? The wonderful Amy Johnson, that’s who! In 1930, Amy Johnson captured the hearts and imagination of Australians when … Continue reading

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A Guide to Modern Menu Planning

It seems that there’s always someone telling us that we’re not eating healthily. Too much sugar, too much fat, too many carbs – too much altogether! This is not new. In 1937, Queenslander Noel Gutteridge started to outline how to … Continue reading

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