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Promoting the wonders of soybeans

Who was Dr Paul M Koonin? Do a Google search on him and you’ll find him quoted extensively on alternative medicine websites.You can find examples here, here and here. But information is scarce about the man, who in 1941, thought … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve – thoughts on scotch whisky and haggis

It’s New Year’s Eve, and for some reason my thoughts have turned to scotch whisky. Not that I’ll be drinking much of the stuff tonight – but it is sort of traditional… I have to admit that I do have … Continue reading

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How to read tea cups

‘Preliminaries The cup should be slowly drained and held by the bottom. It is then placed upside down in the saucer and given three circular turns from left to right, the person who wishes to have her fortune told, repeating … Continue reading

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