Paul Koonin, Russion spy, doctor or soy bean expert?

Earlier this week I did a radio interview about the subject of one of my favourite blog entries, Paul Koonin.

Paul Koonin was an interesting character, who over his life earned a living as a photographer, a dentist, a naturopath, a ‘drugless physician’, and ‘former Director of Medical Research, University of Kharkov’. He gained notoriety as a womaniser, a social activist and a bolshevik – he was deported from South Africa and then publicly disowned by the Australian Communist Party.

He originally came to my attention as the author of ‘Soybeans; the wonder food’. Was he a nutter, or did he lead the way in 20th century alternative medicine?

You can hear my radio interview here, and can you can read my original blog entry here. I’d be interested to hear your opinions on him, or if you’ve come across him in any of your own research.

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