Enjoy your Easter

I don’t know about you, but for me Easter is all about food. Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns – what a great combination!

Baker brings out hot cross buns

An unnamed baker brings out an enormous tray of hot cross buns. This is how Easter looked in 1966! NAA: A1200, L54660

The search for the perfect hot cross bun is always rewarding. This year I tried mocha hot cross buns for the first time – yum. The chocolate used for Easter eggs is usually pretty poor quality, but be honest – does it really matter?

handcrafting chocolate Easter eggs

You can just feel the loving care and attention that these Sydney women are lavishing on making their chocolate eggs in 1966. I bet the eggs I bought this year weren't made like this! NAA: A1200, L56221

Looking through the files in the National Archives, it becomes apparent that the government has had very little to do with what is, of course, a religious festival. However, one thing seems constant – road safety campaigns.

This file from 1960 gives a really good insight into how a national Easter road safety campaign was run. For instance, it was important that the message had a strong religious theme – something that would be unlikely to happen today. But I think my favourite ad is this one:

She was to be an Easter bride - road safety message

She was to be an Easter bride. Things have just gone truly pear-shaped for this young couple.

So take this message to heart! Enjoy your friends, family and food, and above all, stay safe on the roads this Easter.

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2 Responses to Enjoy your Easter

  1. lola says:

    The food standards required for making chocolate make interesting reading.

    • There’s also a file about an ‘easter egg making machine’. Which sounds more interesting than the file actually is. There’s also a file about the prohibition of Easter and Christmas confectionary – unfortunately not digitised!

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